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What should I wear? 
Proper golf attire consists of:

Golf attire permissible for all golf facilities (golf course, practice areas, etc.)
Men: It is customary that male Members tuck their shirt in while playing golf. Shirts must have sleeves and collars or mock turtle neck collars. Shorts must be of Bermuda-length or a style specifically designed for golf. Golf shoes (including golf sandals) or soft-soled athletic shoes must be worn on the course. Metal spikes are prohibited. Billed caps must be worn forward. 
Women: Tops must be designed for golf. Shorts and skorts of any length, designed specifically for golf and acceptable to Management are allowed. Clothing designated for tennis is not acceptable on the golf course or golf practice areas. Golf shoes (including golf sandals) or soft-soled athletic shoes must be worn on the course. Metal spikes are prohibited.
Prohibited clothing for men and women: Blue denim pants (blue jeans) of all types and designs, short shorts, cutoffs, running and exercise clothing, tee shirts, tank tops, halter tops, swimwear and sweat shirts.
The Golf Staff, under the direction of the General Manager, shall have discretion to determine appropriate golf attire.
Where should I change? 
Members and guests must change shoes and clothes in the locker rooms only. Changing of shoes or clothes in the parking lot is prohibited. 

How many guests may I bring? 
Members may bring up to seven guests to play golf, and should call ahead to schedule tee times. No more than seven guests per Member are permitted at any time. 

Who may drive carts? 
Golf carts may be operated by anyone 16 years of age and older, providing that person has a valid driver’s license. Carts should always be driven on the cart paths, unless the ninety degree rule is in effect. 

Do I need a tee time? 
Tee times are recommended and may be obtained by calling the golf shop up to two days in advance. Players who do not schedule tee times will be assigned available tee times that have not been reserved. 

Should I check in before play? 
Yes, you should register with the golf shop prior to using the facilities.

Rules and Procedures for Golfers at Berry Creek

The following policies have been established so that everyone can equally enjoy their golfing experience at Berry Creek. Please take a few moments to re-acquaint yourself with our cart policies, dress code and keep the attached pace of play sheet to help monitor your own group. Please remember these policies will be enforced by our course marshal’s and starters at your request and for everyone’s benefit. 

Berry Creek has a 90-degree rule for all carts. After you have hit your shot, please return your cart to the cart path and then drive at a 90-degree angle to your next shot. Please do not drive your cart directly down the fairway.

Please do not pass the small “cart path only” or “no carts” signs. Once you reach these signs, carts must return to the cart path and stay there until you reach the next tee.

Carts must remain on the cart path at all times on all par 3’s, and #9 and all roped off areas. Adherence to these rules will greatly reduce wear and tear on our fairways and around our greens. Only two players are allowed per cart.

Handicap Flags - If you have a handicap flag, please stay at least 30 feet from all greens. On #5, please drive up behind the green. Members with handicap flags must also follow the 90 degree rule. Note to Handicap Flag Holders: The rule on holes #14 & #15 are as follows: You may enter the fairway from the tree line area of both holes. This means you may enter along the right side of the tee boxes and continue down the tree line, using the 90 degree rule to ride to and from your ball. Please keep the golf carts 50 feet from the greens at all times.

Children under 16 are not allowed to drive on the golf course.

Maximun one golfer per bag.

Carts that do not have a Berry Creek inspection sticker will not be allowed on the course at any time.

Pace of Play: Players should play without delay. If a group loses more than one clear hole on the players in front, it should invite the group following to pass.

Bunkers: Before leaving a bunker, a player should fill up and smooth over all footprints made by the player.

Replace Divots: Repair Ball-Marks & Spike Damage: Through the green, a player should ensure that any turf, cut or displaced by the player is replaced at once and pressed down. Also, any damage to the putting green made by a ball is carefully repaired. On completion of the hole by all players in the group, damage to the putting green caused by golf shoe spikes should be repaired.

Practice: All practicing should be limited to the driving range and practice areas of the club.

IDENTIFICATION: Members must have a Berry Creek issued bag tag attached to their golf bags when on the course and practice facilities.

CARTS: Information is available in the Pro Shop regarding the use of motorized golf carts and pull/push carts. Highlights from this material that affect golfers on the course are as follows:

Motorized carts No more than two persons per golf cart. Golf carts shall remain on cart paths when and where required by the Pro Shop. Golf carts shall not be driven or parked within thirty feet of any tee box, bunker, green or hazard (except when on the golf cart path provided). Golf carts should be driven across fairways only at right angles (90 degree rule).

Pull/Push carts May not be taken within ten feet of any tee box, bunker, green or hazard (except when on the golf cart path provided).

TEE-BOXES: Players should fill in divots made on the tee boxes with the sand/seed mixture provided on the tee boxes. Broken tees should be disposed of in the small green metal funnels provided. 

GREENS AND SAND TRAPS: Golfers should repair divots on greens and fairways. Rakes should be placed INTO the sand traps, so that they are positioned parallel with the fairway.

SLOW PLAY: If a playing group of golfers is not on schedule to play in less than four hours (for 18 holes) and falls one clear hole behind the group in front, the slow group MUST invite the group behind it to play through. If play is delayed (more than 5 minutes) on account of a lost ball, the group playing behind should be invited to play through. Should either of these conditions occur and the group playing behind the slow group or behind the group with the lost ball is not invited to play through, it is the right and privilege of such group playing behind to ask permission to play through. The slow group of players or the group with the lost ball is then required to take positions on the course out of play and shall remain stationary until the invited group has played through. The invited group MUST play through once the invitation has been received, in order that following groups will not be delayed. A group also must step aside and let the group behind play through anytime the course marshal so instructs. For purpose of this section a group is defined as three or more players. Singles and twosomes have no special playing privilege regarding pace of play.

SCHEDULING A TEE TIME / PRO SHOP HOURS FOR SCHEDULING: Check with the Pro Shop for opening and closing times throughout the year and for the earliest time to schedule a tee time.

REPORTING SCORES FOR HANDICAP PURPOSES: The Handicap Committee’s primary charge is to manage and monitor the GHIN handicap system. Its ultimate objective is to develop an all-inclusive culture at the Club which requires that all appropriate scores (both home and away) should be posted accurately and consistently for handicap purposes. If 13 or more holes are played, the player shall post an 18-hole score. If 7 to 12 holes are played the player shall post a nine-hole score. Throughout the year, the Committee will provide detailed information regarding handicaps and the posting of scores.

REPORTING DANGEROUS CONDITIONS ON THE GOLF COURSE AND IN CLUB HOUSE: Golfers are encouraged to report such things as holes in the ground that are hidden by high grass, cover plates that are missing from sprinkler heads, and any other types of potential hazards that should be corrected. You can describe the situation by making a written entry in a spiral notebook that is located in the Pro Shop. The Course Superintendent monitors the notebook and corrects the problem as soon as possible. Unsafe conditions and needed maintenance in the Club House should be reported to Jim Kennedy the Facilities Director. Call 930-4615 and request extension 241.

ENFORCEMENT OF RULES REGARDING PLAYER’S BEHAVIOR AND AGE LIMITATIONS: Play on the course is governed by USGA Rules, with the exception of local rules which take precedence when printed on the scorecard or posted. The golf professional and course marshals are empowered to enforce all golf course rules. Violation of any golf rule may result in a fine and/or disciplinary letter being written to the player by the Manager. Three such letters in the Member’s file are grounds for immediate suspension of golfing privileges.

The Head Golf Professional must certify minors as “A” players in order to play without being accompanied by a Member parent or guardian. No child under the age of twelve (except an “A” player) is permitted to play the golf course unless accompanied by an adult Member parent or guardian. Golf etiquette is enforced at all times.

Children under the age of 18 are not allowed in the men’s and women’s card rooms without being accompanied by an adult.

LOCAL RULES: Local rules are printed on the back of Berry Creek’s score cards and on rule sheets prepared by the Pro Shop for competition arranged for golf associations, leagues, and other types of invitational play.
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